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About Dutch Coffeeshops

DutchCoffeeshops is the largest directory of coffeeshops, headshops and smartshops. We attempt to differentiate headshops, smartshops and coffeeshops according to their traditional roles. In practice, most head shops and smart shops all sell cannabis seeds, marijuana, magic mushrooms and the equipment to grow these products, in addition to pipes, bongs, vaporisers, papers and rolling machines. Mostly interested in marijuana? Try one of the hundreds of coffee shops that are located in The Netherlands. Dutch Coffeeshops is a platform where coffee shops and smart shops can be reviewed by customers and where the two of them come together, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Interested in seeing your own shop on Dutch Coffeeshops? Click on the button below to add your own coffeeshop or smartshop.